2014 Nissan X-Trail Review And Price

2014 Nissan X-Trail

The brand-new Nissan X-Trail 2014 has actually currently been disclosed, and we know that it will change the Nissan Qashqai +2 in Nissan’s design array. That indicates that households searching for a seven-seater version of the popular Qashqai will need to go for this brand-new Nissan X-Trail design rather.

That’s not likely to fret the majority of people, nevertheless, due to the fact that the brand-new Nissan X-Trail is based on many of the exact same parts as the new Nissan Qashqai 2014. We know what the new X-Trail appears like thanks to the pictures we took at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 where it was revealed, and the new look could hint at what the new Qashqai looks like, too.

2014 Nissan X-Trail Review

While the updated Qashqai that this new X-Trail is based on will be launched in early next year, the new Nissan X-Trail won’t be available until July 2014– so those after a seven-seater Nissan will should wait until next summertime.
2014 Nissan X-Trail Side

Although we expect more details prior to the end of this year, we expect that prices info will be announced more detailed to the launch date. The entry-level model will most likely cost about £ 27,000, in order to compete with its rivals.

Price Of 2014 Nissan X-Trail

The new Nissan X-Trail will feature an electronic ALL MODE 4x4i system, which automatically switches between four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive to conserve fuel or improve grip depending on the situation. Drivers can also by hand change the mode in case the system gets it wrong. Nissan states the new X-Trail is better than before at off-roading, too.
2014 Nissan X-Trail Interior

The vehicle can monitor the road surface for bumps and then a computer system changes the suspension to make the ride more comfortable. Plus, the car can add engine braking when slowing down to a stop to make stopping safer and easier.

Renault and Nissan have a partnership to share lots of mechanical parts, so the Nissan X-Trail could share some aspects with the upcoming Renault range. Family cars like the Renault Espace, Renault Scenic, and Renault Laguna could also use some of the technology on display in the X-Trail.

2014 Nissan X-Trail Back

The rear doors of the new X-Trail open to an unusually wide 80-degree angle for easy access, which makes it clear that practicality is this car’s main selling point. The rear legroom is longer than before too, thanks to the whole car being longer. The boot floor can be segmented into upper and lower sections, too.

Engines and fuel economy has not been revealed yet however the car has had a weight decrease and improved aerodynamics so it should benefit from improved efficiency on the road.

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